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"The strings on a ukulele are G, C, E, and A. A good way to remember that is with the phrase, 'Giant Coackroaches Eat A lot'. "
"I've been an expert computer witness for over 20 years. I've testified about fraudulent whatnots, failed doohickies, missing thingys, you name it."
"The next time we get an additional round of funding, don't say anything. You're lucky I convinced them 'Ka-Ching, Ka-Ching!' was Swahili for thank you, thank you!"
"The University is certainly grateful for this check you're writing, and we all look forward to seeing your nephew, Grant, no pun intended, at our school in a few years."
"The pitcher's having a little trouble with his inside curve and I'm trying to help him out."
"Oh for gosh sake - you've got to figure out what you're doing wrong when you make upside-down cake, or you're gonna kill yourself."
Ridin' High in the Ergonomic Saddle - " I don't care if this is better for my back, I'm startin' to feel ridiculous."
"You could call it homemade, but I prefer to call it artisanal toddler food."